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Weather and The Best Times to Visit Pattaya

When is the best time to visit Pattaya Beach? Well, it largely depends on what you want. Any time can be a good time to visit. Times are often closely related to the weather. Here are some factors to consider.

Best Weather: basically, late November into February is considered to be the nicest time of the year to visit Pattaya. Temperatures  are at their yearly lows…the lows average 21 to 22 degrees centigrade and the highs around 31 degrees. The humidity is low. There is very little rain and the sky is usually a clear, deep blue. Pleasant winds come into the area from the ocean so sitting on the beach is a nice experience. It is a really good time to work on a suntan.

This is, however, the busiest time of the year. Christmas and New Years occur during this period and the beaches are very crowded. Prices are at their highest. Because so many tourists visit at this time, many Thais come to the area to serve or take advantage of the tourists, which, of course, has its advantages and drawbacks. If one wants to enjoy quiet and relatively inexpensive times at the beach, this is NOT the best time to visit.

Quiet Times and Rainy Weather:  June through October is generally the best time to enjoy quiet times at the beach. It is summer time in Europe so many foreigners are less inclined to travel to places like Thailand, helping make the beaches less crowded. This time in Thailand, or at least Pattaya, is considered to be the rainy season.

Almost daily, intense rains occur, usually in the late afternoon.  The impact of the rains is made more severe because the infrastructure can’t handle them very well. The rains, however, usually last for only an hour or two a day and visitors can enjoy themselves the rest of the time.

This is a time when hotels and guest houses usually reduce their prices, so it is a good time to visit for those trying to save money. One should do their “homework,” however, because some businesses – mainly those owned by Europeans – refuse to compromise their “integrity” by lowering prices…even if their guest houses are empty!!

Quiet Times and Hot Weather: March, April and May are the hottest months of the year in Pattaya. Temperatures average around 33 degrees Celsius. The beaches, however, can be relatively pleasant as steady breezes keep discomfort manageable…and the water feels great!! 

Low temperatures average between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius, and rain is usually not a problem. The beach is usually not as quiet as it is during the rainy season as visitors are still coming from Europe to escape cool weather, but they are fairly quiet. There is one big exception to this picture of quietness, and that is the Songkran “festival” which occurs in mid-April.

This festival lasts for up to two weeks in Pattaya and is characterized by what many people consider hooliganism and mild levels of criminal assault. This is NOT a good time to visit if one values privacy.   Prices are usually reduced  during this time, and during some years, the reductions can be substantial.


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