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Shopping In Pattaya

Pattaya is not a Tokyo, New York or London – or even a Bangkok – when it comes to shopping, but there are more than enough shopping opportunities to keep shopping enthusiasts busy and happy. Visitors to Pattaya will find  plenty of small shops, large shopping malls, markets and large super centers to shop at.

Small shops: Pattaya has always had many small shops. They developed as the town developed and sell a variety of items, many of which are tourist oriented – T-shirts,  bags and so forth – but some of which are specialized.

Originally, most were Thai owned but in recent years, many are owned or at least sponsored by expatriates, who typically operate them through their Thai wives. These shops can be found along the beach roads, Theprasit and Theprapaya roads, Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Tai roads and connecting side roads, and in small and medium sized shopping malls.

Central Festival Pattaya Beach: this is a recently opened, seven story shopping extravaganza described in its promotional literature as “the largest beachfront lifestyle shopping complex in Thailand’s Eastern region.” It is connected to a Hilton Hotel and has 200 “local and international stores.”

Most are small and boutique oriented, but the complex is anchored by the Central Department Store, the most prestigious department store in Thailand, and also has Powerbuy and SuperSports stores. The complex has many dining opportunities, including “high end” places, and place such as Burger King, and also food courts.

Central Festival has an SFX Cinema with ten screens, a 16 lane bowling alley, and branches of most Thailand banks. It is located between the first and second beach roads near Pattaya Klang Road. Most stores close around midnight.

Pattaya Central Festival Center: this center is located about two kilometers east of the above on the second beach road and is anchored around a Big C two of the three major shopping centers in Pattaya have ended up virtually the same names is a good question!!!!!

It is smaller than the newer Central Festival, but more relaxed and casual, and some would say, more architecturally interesting. It nevertheless has many boutique stores and dining opportunities. It also has a Cineplex with five screens. Several banks maintain branches there. It is open from roughly 11:00 Am to 11:00 PM.

Royal Garden Plaza: this is the third large shopping mall in Pattaya and is located about a kilometer south of the new Central Festival Pattaya Beach between the first and second beach roads…it is easy to find when entering from the second road as there is an airplane sticking out of the building!!

It contains two floors of boutique shopping – mostly clothing and jewelry related – and is the home of Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. There are also a McDonalds, a Burger King, a Sizzler Steak House, a Starbucks, and other dining opportunities located in Royal Garden, along with a few banks.

Outdoor or Traditional Markets: there are several outdoor or traditional markets in Pattaya. Most are not open everyday, so some planning is necessary to visit them. Most sells fresh foods, clothing, and electrical items. Most also have food stalls.

Pattaya Market: this market is located on Pattaya Tai Road near the intersection with Theprapaya Road. It is primarily a fresh food,  produce, and clothing market. It is open everyday.

Soi Buakhao Market: this market is located at the end of Soi Buakhao in central Pattaya  and is open every Tuesday and Friday evening. It sells foods and electronic items.

Naklua Sundy Market:: this market is located on Sawang Fa Road, between Pattaya-Naklau Road and Sukhumvit Road, and focuses on clothing, food and electronic items.

Made in Thailand Night Plaza: this market is open during the day AND the night, and focuses on the sale of locally produced items, including clothing, household goods, electrical items and souvenirs. It is a collection of independent shopping stalls and is located at the intersections of  Soi Honey Inn and Soi 9 on Pattaya Second Road.

Theprasit Night Market: this market is located at the end of Theprasit Road, near the intersection with Sukhumvit Road. It is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings and contains over 500 stalls, including a flea market section. It is primarily clothing oriented, but the flee market also focuses on electronics.

The Pattaya Market: this market is located on the second beach road near soi 5 and has more than 450 stalls. It focuses on furniture, handicrafts and clothing items.

No Nonsense Discount Western Shopping: Those who prefer no nonsense, low cost Western style department store  shopping can visit Big C, Lotus-Tesco or Carrefour.  There are two Big C’s in Pattaya: one on the second beach road in north Pattaya and the other on Sukhumvit Road near the intersection with Pattaya Tai Road.

There are two Lotus-Tescos in Pattaya: one is located on North Pattaya Road and the other on Sukhumvit Road near the intersection with Thepraprasit Road. The Carrefour store is located on Pattaya Klang Road. All of the these stores are surrounded by small boutique stores, restaurants and food stalls, and shopping stalls.

Special items to be found in Pattaya: Due to the large amount of residential construction in Pattaya, and the presence of so many hotels, Pattaya is an excellent place to find home furnishing items. There are also many small art galleries and studios, most owned by Thai entrepreneurs, in Pattaya.

One can buy ready- make paintings and sculptures or “commission” original work. Many of these galleries and studios are located on Theprapaya Road, between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach. Pattaya is also a good place to buy water sport and swimming pool equipment.  There are also many automobile dealerships, tailors and jewelers in Pattaya.


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