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Pattaya in the Daytime

Pattaya is basically a nighttime city and there aren’t as many daytime activities or attractions in Pattaya as there are in places such as Phuket Island or Bangkok, but, nevertheless, there is more than enough going on in the Pattaya area  during the day to keep most people pleasantly occupied.

The Beach – the most notable place to go during the day time is the beach. Although not an outstanding beach, Pattaya’s main beach is a good place to lounge, chat, work on a suntan  and play around in the water. Beach goers can take advantage of water sport activities such as jet skiing, banana boating and parasailing as proprietors rent out equipment to those interested. There is a longer (6 kilometers length verves 4 kilometers length), wider, cleaner, and less busy beach south of Pattaya Beach named Jomtien Beach and it is easily accessed by a 10 baht taxi ride. Jomtien Beach is famous, in part, for its large army of beach masseuses. At either beach, one can rent chairs and be served relatively cheap meals and drinks.

Ko Larn Island – this is a four square kilometer island located about 7.5 kilometers south of Pattaya Beach and is easily accessed by a cheap ferry boat which one can catch at the end of the Walking Street at the main pier. There are several clean, white sand beaches on Ko Larn and the water is also very clean. One can easily observe tropical fish because they swim almost up to the beach. There are Buddhist temples on the mountain in the center of the island one can climb. There are also plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. It is possible to stay on the island overnight.

Diving – several diving centers provide year round excursions, primarily to nearby island such as Ko Larn.  Prices are said to be very reasonable and include equipment rental. For those who do not have proper certification but wish to learn, certification classes are also provided at reasonable cost. .

Pattaya Park: located at the north end of Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Park is highlighted by a 240 meter tower from which one can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area. Restaurants are on top of the tower, and one can bungee jump from 170 meters. The park also has many water related activities and rides, and a roller coaster.

Pratumnak Hill: located roughly between Pattaya and Jomtien, one can enjoy very nice views from here. Atop the hill is Khao Phraya temple and its giant Buddha stature, which is said to protect the people of Pattaya.  There is also a smaller temple, Wat Thappaya, on the hill, near the Naval Broadcasting Radio Station.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden: this zoo, botanical garden and cultural center is located about 18 kilometers south of  Pattaya. Visitors can enjoy the great outdoors and view animal shows and exhibits, and attend seminars.  It is recommended as a full day excursion.

Shopping: Pattaya has always had a plethora of shopping opportunities, primarily at the lower and mid-range level. Historically, these opportunities have been spread out in fairly small store and shop settings. These small shops still do a thriving business. Recently, however, the seven story Central Festival Pattaya Beach center has brought together over 200 boutique fashion outlets and retailers, restaurants and food courts, banks, cinemas and eight large prestige department stores anchored by the  high end Central Department Store. It is located near the intersection of the second beach road and Pattaya Klang Road. Just up the Beach road about two kilometers one will find an older, smaller, more relaxed shopping area with virtually the same name (now called Central Center Pattaya) and similar shopping opportunities. It is anchored around a Big C department store. And only a few hundred meters south of the new Festival center, one will find the Royal Gardens shopping mall, which has three floors of boutique style shops, a cinema, and is home to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. One will also  find a Carrefour, two Lotus-Tescos, two more Big Cs, and Foodland supermarkets in the Pattaya area.

Bowling: there are four or so bowling alleys in Pattaya, the largest (32 lanes) being PS Bowling, which is located at the intersection of  the second road and Pattaya Klang Road, over a Tops Supermarket.  Also located on the second road is Bowling Plus (Pattaya Bowl.)

Pattaya Kart Speedway:  racing enthusiasts, or learners, will enjoy renting a racing kart at the internationally recognized Pattaya Kart Speedway. It has a 450 meter track for beginners and a 750 meter professional track. It also has a paint ball zone and a bungee jumping zone. It is located at   248/2  Moo 12 Pattaya  Theprasit Road, which is Jomiten Beach.

Massage: the Pattaya area is home to hundreds of small and large facilities offering different types of massage. Basic Thai massage and foot massage usually cost about 150 to 200 baht an hour. Oil massages are in the range of 250 to 300 baht an hour. Massages at hotels and spas usually cost more…sometimes much more.

Golf: actually, there aren’t any golf courses in Pattaya Beach, but there are over twenty 18 and 26 hole, par 72 and par 74 courses within fairly short commutes of Pattaya. They are reasonably challenging, set in pleasant surroundings, and reasonably priced. Some were designed by world famous designers, such as  Jack Nichlaus. Most welcome tourists. Golf outings can be easily arranged.

Flight of the Gibbon: located 50 minutes from Pattaya, between the 30,000 hectare  Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary and the Khao Khee Open Safari “open zoo,” this is a 3 kilomter “zipline” consisting of 26 platforms that take the guest through the tropical rainforest to observe animals in their natural setting. Admission, which is just under 3.000 baht, also covers admission to Khao Khee. This is a full day excursion.

Mini Siam, Pattaya: this is a museum on Sukhumvit Road just north of Pattaya. It features more than 100 miniature reconstructions of famous and/or important Thai places.

Million Years Stone Park and Crododile Farm: a 15 minute drive from Pattaya, it covers 40 acres. It is said that this facility took 20 years of continuous effort to create. It is essentially a garden and zoo, and features animal shows.

Theprasit Market: there is a four block night market that operates on Theprasit Road in Jomtien Beach near the intersection with Sukhumvit Road on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. There is a special section for venders selling obviously used items .Although technically not a daytime activity or attraction, it is certainly worth doing!!


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