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Dong Tan Beach

Dong Tan Beach: this beach runs for about a kilometer north of the Dong Tan Police Station  - where Theprasit Road intersects with Jomtien Beach Road.

It is often considered to be a part of Jomtien Beach, although it is wider and has more trees than Jomtien Beach.  Traffic is prohibited along most of the beach, and this helps create a very nice atmosphere.

Jet skiis and water sports are present, although they are also blocked from large areas of the beach by chains of hideous florescent buoys.

Dong Tan Beach is different from other beaches in the area in that it is a gay beach – although one can see many male-female couples enjoying themselves. A large army of male masseuses serves male and female customers alike.

One can rent chairs and umbrellas although some of the beach stands have taken to trying to force customers to rent “superior” chairs – it is really questionable if they are superior or more comfortable at all – and charging four or five times the going rate for them.

These chairs are positioned near the ocean, so that if a customer wants a standard chair, they must sit farther from the ocean. Not all stands use the superior chairs.


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