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Pattaya Bus Station

Bangkok to Pattaya - How to go? For lots of visitors Bangkok is missed off the trip to Thailand which is a great shame. This is far more likely for anyone who heads straight out from the airport to one of the islands or simply goes on to Pattaya, Koh Samet or Koh Chang. With the new airport now on the eastern side of the city this is far more likely to happen than in the past when the international airport was to the north of Bangkok...[+]

Bangkok vs Pattaya

Bangkok or Pattaya? Which one is better? There are many who love Bangkok and hate Pattaya and just as many think the opposite, with another crowd liking both. Comparing Pattaya with Bangkok is similar to comparing the UK with the US. As John Lennon replied when asked what the differences between the two were, he answered : "Well the US is bigger!" ...[+]

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya beaches - Jomtien, Naklua, etc The main beach is the long curving stretch of sand of Pattaya town. From its northern most point the beach runs south to the most southern location near the Royal Cliff Hotel. The water here is good for swimming, and a host of beach activities. The northern most end of the Pattaya is the quieter, and just around is the much calmer and secluded Naklau Beach...[+]

Pattaya Attractions

Pattaya Daytime Attractions For all the towns reputation as the nightlife capital of Thailand, Pattaya has a good number of daytime attractions for the tourist. The local temples, sea food restaurants and animal centres give visitors plenty to see. Pattaya Water Park: The Water Park is part of the Pattaya Park Resort, where there is also a Jump Tower, revolving restaurants and an observation deck on the 55th floor...[+]

Pattaya Sports

Sports in Pattaya - Tennis, Golf, Go Karting, etc Outdoor activities are one of the reasons many people living in Bangkok make the journey south to Pattaya at weekends and on public holidays. There is a wide range of sports, and most are available without having to be member of a club. Golf: The area around Pattaya has a good number of quality golf courses and most are open to non members at relatively low green fee rates. As an example the Life Country Club has a Par 72 course designed by Nick Faldo, with a weekday green fee of 660 Baht, which equates to US$20 or €15...[+]

Pattaya in the Daytime Pattaya is basically a nighttime city and there aren’t as many daytime activities or attractions in Pattaya as there are in places such as Phuket Island or Bangkok, but, nevertheless, there is more than enough going on in the Pattaya area during the day to keep most people pleasantly occupied....[+]

A History and Introduction to Pattaya The City of Pattaya is located on east coast of Thailand, about 165 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. It has an official population of just over 100,000, although certainly the real population is much larger. Its economy is based almost entirely on tourism and serving the large expatriate community which lives there. It is most famous for its wild and crazy nightlife, a reputation which the Thai government is trying – perhaps half heartedly and with somewhat modest success – to change....[+]

Do’s and Don’t in Pattaya Below is a list of 26 “do’s” and “don’ts” to observe while vacationing in Pattaya.
1. Don’t make negative comments about the King and the Royal Family. It is against the law and punishable by severe sentences. Actually, one can probably say what they want but it is extremely dangerous to put one’s feelings in writing. People are in prison for doing this ...[+]

The Cost of Living in Pattaya As most readers know, the cost of living in Thailand is low when compared to the cost of living in Europe, Japan and America. The cost of living in Pattaya is somewhat higher than in most of Thailand, but is lower than many other popular tourist areas such as Phuket Island and Ko Samui. It is probably not that different from the cost of living in Bangkok ...[+]

Weather and The Best Times to Visit Pattaya When is the best time to visit Pattaya Beach? Well, it largely depends on what you want. Any time can be a good time to visit. Times are often closely related to the weather. Here are some factors to consider. ...[+]

Festivals and Special Events Various festivals and special events are held in Pattaya throughout the year. Often, they are related to history and traditions which most people can share. At other times, they are largely sponsored by groups with special interests. These events are held at various times throughout the year and one must consult listings to see what is planned for the near and midterm future. One should always keep in mind that these events can mean increased crowds, and disruptions to traffic and daily life. Below are some festivals which might be of general interest. ...[+]

How to Get Around In Pattaya It is easier and less expensive to get around in Pattaya than in many other places in Thailand. This is because of the baht bus system and baht buses. They are anywhere and everywhere in Pattaya. Almost anyone and everyone who has ever been to Pattaya has seen and used them. There are, of course, other forms of transportation available, too. ...[+]

Muay Thai In Pattaya Muay Thai is a part of traditional Thai culture which most guests to Thailand enjoying watching and learning about. It is actually a very strenuous and rough form of martial arts that require its practitioners to train long and hard. It used to be much rougher than it is now, but it is still one of the most combative forms of martial arts in the world as participants are permitted to bombard ...[+]

Shopping In Pattaya Pattaya is not a Tokyo, New York or London – or even a Bangkok – when it comes to shopping, but there are more than enough shopping opportunities to keep shopping enthusiasts busy and happy. Visitors to Pattaya will find plenty of small shops, large shopping malls, markets and large super centers to shop at. ...[+]

Some Helpful Thai Generally speaking, it is best to communicate with Thai people in English, because as poor as their English is, it will probably be much better than your attempts to speak Thai! Whether you speak in English or Thai, it is best to try to keep the communication simple and direct. Don’t worry about grammatical niceties, just try to be understood ...[+]


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